Learning from Mountains,Learning on Mountains

The famous Japanese poet Keigetsu Omachi (1869 to 1925) praised the Daisetsu Mountains by saying, "If you wish to know the height of a mountain, climb Mt. Fuji. If you wish to know the scale of a mountain, climb the Daisetsu Mountains." As the magnificent string of these peaks have supported the development of Kamikawa Town, we believe that there are things we can learn only on mountains, not at a desk or in a textbook. Local residents and visitors alike should learn together from the mountains to inject new vitality into Kamikawa and then into Hokkaido as a whole. To turn Kamikawa into a locale to foster the development of people and communities and help drive the future, Daisetsuzan University will open with the Daisetsu Mountains – the roof of Hokkaido – as its campus.


What is Hokkaido’s Kamikawa Town like?

The beauty of the Daisetsu Mountains resonates through the town.

Kamikawa is a gateway to Daisetsuzan National Park, the largest national park in Japan. With a riot of alpine flora in summer, the earliest arrival of autumnal colors in Japan and a blanket of powder snow in winter, the natural splendor of the 2,000-meter peaks continue to fascinate many people.

The rich natural environment of the Daisetsu Mountains thrives in the town.

In Kamikawa there is a culture of appreciating the beautiful natural environment through gardening, mountain climbing and other activities. The town is also known for its hot springs, including Sounkyo Onsen, and for its fine food produced utilizing subsoil water from the Daisetsu Mountains, such as farm produce, sake and ramen. All these have been fostered by the mountains.

Simply put, without the Daisetsu Mountains Kamikawa cannot be sustained.
Kamikawa has thrived thanks to the beauty and rich natural environment of the Daisetsu Mountains.
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